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The Gregg Boundary Trail Award is available to Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, and adult Scouters who hike the entire Gregg Boundary Trail. The trail is located at the Ben Delatour Scout Ranch where it takes a route near the ranch's perimeter boundary. Hikers may circumambulate the trail in one trip, or in a series of trips, at their discretion, over whatever time period they select.

The Gregg Boundary Trail, and the award, are named after Scouter Ben Gregg, Sr., of Loveland, Colorado. He was very involved in the efforts to acquire the property for the Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, and he served for many years as a key member of the Longs Peak Council board of directors, where he championed the needs of the ranch.


Trail Marker The trail is marked with plastic orange colored diamonds in both a clockwise and counter clockwise direction. Over 1,000 orange markers have been placed on the trail, and these are normally maintained by the summer staff of the Elkhorn High Adventure Base. At times markings may become obscured by growing tree branches, or trees with markings may fall in windstorms. It is always important to keep a shape eye out for the next marking!

One section of the trail, in the northeast part of the ranch, actually goes off of council property. Since this is not council property, the orange marking are not placed on this part of the route. However, the trail is well worn in this area, and should be easy to follow.


The approximately ten (10) mile trail route does not come into the main part of camping areas since it is a "boundary" trail. Hikers can use yellow markers in a diamond shape to reach sections of the Gregg Boundary Trail. Obtaining the latest Ben Delatour Scout Ranch Map is always to good idea. This map is normally updated every two years, and copies are available for sale at summer camp trading posts, and at the Farr Service Center Trading Post in Greeley.

The Gregg Boundary Trail does change its routing at times as trail work dictates better routes, and as efforts are made to make the trail more interesting. Be aware that, in hiking the entire trail. the Elkhorn Creek will need to be crossed at least twice during your trek. The trail can make some really good steep climbs, especially in the Elkhorn Valley.


While on the Gregg Boundary Trail please remember the following:
  1. Never hike with a group of less than four (4) hikers.
  2. BSA Youth Protection rules must be followed.
  3. One person must be first aid certified.
  4. Keep on the trail - do not cut switchbacks!
  5. No fires in the backcountry of BDSR! Use stoves.
  6. Check out at a trail register during summer camp sessions, and check back in at the same register.
  7. Obey private property postings! Keep on council property, and do not climb fences to enter private property.
  8. Watch for wildlife, including: rattlesnakes, badgers, black bears, mule deer, elk, eagles, and more. Please do not disturb them!
  9. Keep gates closed!
  10. Take plenty of drinking water on the trail as drinking water is not available in the backcountry.


Qualification for a Gregg Boundary Trail Award is determined by the Scout's Scoutmaster, or other unit leader. Three types of awards may be purchased from a summer camp trading post, or from the Farr Service Center Trading Post in Greeley:
Trail Medal - This medal on a ribbon may be worn on the Scout's uniform shirt pinned above the left shirt pocket so that it hangs over the pocket flap.

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Trail Patch - This embroidered patch my be worn on the Scout's uniform shirt stitched on the right pocket as a "temporary" patch, or sewn to a patch blanket or backpack.

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Trail Medallion - This metal tag is designed to be nailed to a hiking staff.

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