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Community Service Award

An Individual Award for Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers & Adult Scouters

The purpose of the Community Service Award is to promote character-building and citizenship in Scouts and Scouters, who realize their responsibility to serve individually and through group effort, their city, state and nation. To recognize appreciation of the many benefits that each citizen receives daily as a result of our American way of life. The service should be performed in such a way as to be identified as Scout service through the wearing of the official Scout uniform.


  1. Fifty hours of Community Service must be completed in a single twelve (12) month period or less for the original award. Additional awards (wearing of 1 numeral on the original award) the Scout must complete 60 hours for the 2nd and 75 hours thereafter in a single Scout year of less. (Single Scout year is determined when the Scout first participates in a Community Service Project. If a Scout begins participation on his first Community Service Project in July, his Scout year is July to June.) If a Scout or adult completes his/her hours in less than a Scout year, the new Scout year begins immediately. Scout years must be consecutive.
  2. Service should be performed in uniform, whenever practical.
  3. Service must be of a purely community nature where other recognition or awards are not offered, including rank and civic awards. (Duplicate hours cannot be awarded.) Service may not be done on Scout Council property.
  4. Service must be for an organization, group or the public and not for Scouting.
  5. Service must be such that no monetary remuneration, directly or indirectly, is paid to the Scout, Unit, District or Group that the Scout is working with.
  6. This Award is not for Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts or Webelos Scouts.


  1. Each person keeps the individual record of service performed. When the hours have been completed, the application and service record is given to the Unit Leader.
  2. Unit Leaders will give the forms to the District Community Service Award Chair or Activities Chair.
  3. The District Community Service Chair or member of that committee will review the hours with the individual and return the record to the Unit Leader. (The review can take place at a Unit meeting, or other suitable location within the guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America's two-deep leadership policy.) The Unit Leader will forward the paperwork to the Council (as indicated on the application) for purchase of the award.
  4. The Award can be presented by the appropriate member(s) of the District Committee, if requested by the Unit Leader at a Court of Honor or a special District function.

Application and Service Hours Record

(In PDF format.)


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