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Project SOAR - Save Our American Resources

Fund Disbursements

  •  Nebraska Game and Parks Commission - Swift Fox Project - Whooping Crane Project - River Otter Project - Bald Eagle Project - Flying Squirrel Project
  •  Wildcat Hills Recreation Area
  •  Wildcat Hills Nature Center, Computer and Touch Screen Interpretive Program. Neo tropical birds.
  •  Scottsbluff Zoo - Flag Pole
  •  Wyoming Wildlife Commission - Grizzly Bear Project - Black Footed Ferret Project - Granite marker at Camp Laramie Peak Scout Camp.
  •  Colorado Division of Wildlife - River Otter Project - Granite marker and 3 flag poles at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch.
  •  Project SOAR flag Pole markers at the Boy Scouts of America Lockwood Service Center and the Scotts Bluff Veteran's Memorial - and Flag Pole at the Centennial Park.
  •  Loren Eiseley Memorial - Chimney Rock, Bayard, NE.
  •  Granite entryway sign at Camp Laramie Peak
  •  Partial purpose for funding for Activity Building at Camp Laramie Peak. This facilty will be used to house the nature/ecology summer program.
Funds generated annually are also used to purchase the embroidered emblems for that year. Requests for fund disbursements should be directed to the Project SOAR Director.
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