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William T. Hornaday Awards
for Distinguished Service to Conservation and Natural Resources

Hornaday Gold Badge Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturers can earn:
  • William T. Hornaday Badge
  • William T. Hornaday Bronze Medal
  • William T. Hornaday Silver Medal

Adult Scouters may be recognized with:

  • William T. Hornaday Gold Badge for exceptional council level conservation service of at least three years.
  • William T. Hornaday Gold Medal for exceptional regional and/or national level conservation service.

Packs, troops, teams and crews can earn:

  • William T. Hornaday Unit Award Certificate for conservation service on an annual basis.

Longs Peak Council Hornaday Resources

Hornaday Guide

The Longs Peak Council Hornaday Guide has been developed to provide a better understanding of requirements for each award, expected scope of projects, and process from concept to completion.

Hornaday Advisors

Each Scout/Venturer and Unit wishing to earn a Hornaday Award must have a Hornaday Team (see the Hornaday Guide for more details). Your Hornaday Advisor understands the requirements and process, and can help you find other key resources as well as help you avoid any potential problems.

List of Hornaday Advisors

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