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Longs Peak Council Hornaday Advisors

Listed below are members of the Council Conservation Committee and other Scouters who are familiar with the Hornaday requirements, Project expectations, and application process who are willing to serve as Hornaday Advosors for Scouts and Venturers within the Longs Peak Counsel. Although having a Hornaday Advisor is not required, it is highly encouraged so that the Candidate has as much information as possible regarding the expectations, Project scope, and requirements of the Hornaday award they are seeking. A Hornaday Advisor will also assist in streamlining the application process through Council.

We are still working on our new list of Hornaday Advisors.
Please check back later or contact Karl Brown (below)

Cache La Poudre District
Frontier District
High Altitude District
High Plains District
Indian Peaks District
Mountain View District
Rocky Mountain District
Three Rivers District
Tri-Trails District
Council Conservation Committee
Karl Brown
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