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Adventure is Calling - Join Scouting!

Cub Scouting is fun with a purpose.

It's a home and neighborhood-centered program for boys in grades one through five.    (Older Youth? See our other Join Scouting page for info on our exciting programs for youth ages 11 through 20.)
Cub Scouting teaches values and life skills in an environment of fun and adventure.

Why Cub Scouting?

Parents of young boys face a lot of choices in extracurricular activities. Boys want to have fun, while parents want them to learn positive values and skills that will last a lifetime. If your son is about to enter first through fifth grade, Cub Scouting may be exactly what you are both looking for.
As a parent, you can be assured that Cub Scouting
  • involves a variety of family activities
  • encourages good behavior
  • teaches lifelong values
  • strengthens the bonds of family
As a kid, your son can be assured that Cub Scouting is fun!

Fall 2012! All new Cubs Scouts receive a Slingshot Flying Monkey as a joining gift! slingshot monkey

Contact your District Executive for more information.

For additional general information from the Boy Scouts of America about joining scouting, see Be A Scout.

Already Joined?

Welcome to the Adventure of Cub Scouting!

You and your son begin an adventure of learning, sharing, and having fun together.

See our Parent Orientation Booklet for an introduction to Cub Scouting.

How To Join Cub Scouting

* Scouting Night

In early September, you should get information through your son's school about Cub Scouting opportunities, and the upcoming Scouting Night - simply attend the Scouting Night presentation and sign up.

* Any Other Time: (or if you didn't receive Scout Night information)

  1. Find a Cub Scout Pack in Your Town or Neighborhood. Click on your city/town or a nearby town to get a list of Packs.

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  2. If several Packs are listed, find the one in or nearest to your neighborhood.
  3. Contact the Pack Leader listed. He/she will answer your questions, get you the necessary forms and more information, and let you know about meeting times and locations.

  4. If you have any questions or problems locating a Pack, please contact the nearest Longs Peak Council Service Center or call us at 1-800-800-4052 or 970-330-6305.

Note: If you are outside the Longs Peak Council (see Council Map), please visit BeAScout.org to find the Packs in your area.

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