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Electronic Communication

The Longs Peak Council has several ways to keep you informed:

Our Websites - Our Email Lists - Social Media

Council and District Websites - All the Details

  • Find a Scout Pack/Troop/Team/Crew
  • Calendars of Events and Training
  • Program Information, Health & Safety
  • Event Details and Registration
  • Training Classes, Online Training
  • Scout Shops and Offices
  • How To Support Scouting

  • And Much More ...
  • Our Camps
  • News
  • Opportunities
  • Resources
  • Awards
  • Forms
  • Staff/Contact Us
  • Strategic Plan
  • Policies
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Our Email Lists - ScoutMail and E-Newsletter

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A monthly update from the Longs Peak Council.

"The Longs Peak View" E-Newsletter contains highlights of our council events, news, and articles on outstanding scouts.
Occasional Special Notices are also sent to E-Newsletter subscribers.

See past issues in our E-Newsletter Archives

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Timely short notes with the latest news, upcoming events & trainings, reminders and opportunities.

ScoutMail is sent as needed (typically a couple per week) from the Longs Peak Council and YOUR local District.

ScoutMail is for scout leaders, or for anyone else who wants to keep up on "What's Happening".

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Social Media

News items and pictures from the Council, BSA and other sources. Info about upcoming and recent events are posted to our Facebook page.
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Short notes and news items.
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Our recently launched YouTube Channel.

We need your help to add videos to our channel. Send your favorite camp, scout meetings, training, community service, or eagle project videos to Kelly.moll@scouting.org, and the marketing committee will review your video. If we put your video on our channel we will email you back with the link so you can start watching your video on the web!

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ScoutMail Icon Subscribe to ScoutMail

  1. Go to your district's home page (see map to determine which district you are in) and
    click on the ScoutMail link on the left sidebar.
    Or use these quick links to get there:
  2. On your District Scoutmail page, find the line which looks like this and click the button:
       New Users - Start Here >>
  3. Follow ALL 3 steps:
    1. Enter your profile info and submit the form. It will email you a confirmation message.
    2. Click the link in the confirmation Email to verify that you can receive email from the Longs Peak Council.
    3. In the Form which comes up, enter your subscriptions - ie your units and leadership positions.
      You will be added to the appropriate email list based on your unit type and location.

    Questions about ScoutMail? - please see Frequently Asked Questions

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