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Merit Badge Counselors

Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge The list of currently-registered Merit Badge Counselors for each of the Districts in the Longs Peak Council is available here on the Longs Peak Council WWW site.
(This Online MBC database was last updated from Council/BSA database on September 12, 2014.)

Access Private

The Scoutmaster (Crew Advisor, or Team Coach) can access the list using their Longs Peak Council WWW site Unit Id and Password.
(More Information On Passwords)

Merit Badge Counselors - Other Details

Unit Leaders - Help Us Keep the Lists Current

Merit Badge Counselor Annual Re-registration:
Just like all other BSA adult volunteer positions, Merit Badge Counselors must be re-registered annually. Since the Merit Badge Counselor position is separate registration from your troop leader registration, it must be re-registered as a separate step of the annual registration process. Instructions for re-registering your merit badge counselors,and the list of your Troop's counselors are distributed each year in your Troop's rechartering packet.
Please carefully check and update the Merit Badge Counselor list and turn in the updates in your charter packet when you turn in your re-charter paperwork. If you don't submit the updated listing with your charter, you must return it to the Registrar at the Council Office in Greeley.

At Other Times:
As you use the online lists and find incorrect or out-of-date information for a registered counselor, please have the Counselor update their information:

Additions or deletions to
the list of Merit Badges
Have the Counselor complete the LPC Merit Badge Counselor Information Sheet, sign it, and submit it to the Registrar at the Council Office in Greeley.
Change from Unit-Only to
District-Wide (or back)
Update address or phone number Notify the Council Registrar, Dennisa at dprince@bsamail.org.
(no form needed)
Remove Counselor
(moved away or no longer in Scouting)
Update email address Email the Council Advancement Committee.
Update Unit Affiliation
Note: For information sent to the registrar, the information is entered into the BSA database, and our online Merit Badge Counselor database is updated from the Council/BSA database about every 3 months. The most recent update was September 12, 2014.

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