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"Missing" Counselors - Why Aren't They (Still) Registered

Issue: You checked your Troop's list of Counselors and some names are missing.

You checked the Am I registered? page/form and the counselor is not registered.

Question: Why aren't they registered

Answer: There are several possible reasons:

-- Did Your Troop Reregister Counselors in December?
If all or most of your Troop's counselors are missing, it is likely that your troop did not turn in the Annual Merit Badge Counselor Registration materials in December so they would be re-registered for this year. You can either submit that form, or have all your counselors re-register individually.
-- If you recently submitted new registrations:
There is a "lag".
When the Council registrar is busy (such as at recharter time and after Fall Cub signup), Merit Badge Counselor updates are lower priority.
After the updates are entered into the Council/BSA database, it may be up to a couple months before the next update is exported from the BSA database to our Counselor databases on the District websites.
(The Online MBC database was last updated from Council/BSA database on September 12, 2014.)
-- Not in your Troop's MBC Listing:
If Counselors are "missing" from your Unit's online MBC list, the reason may be that we don't know that they are affiliated with your troop.
Please check the Am I registered? page/form to see if they are registered, either with another troop or "Unknown".

Bottom Line:

You MUST re-register anyone who is missing (as if they were a new counselor).

Thanks for your support!