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Eagle Scout Directory Update

We are excited to announce the start of a new Eagle Scout directory project - the 2015 Eagle Scout Roll Call. The purpose of this project is to keep your Eagle Scout record up to date and ensure that you are kept informed on Scouting activities in your local community. This project will also help NESA continue to provide additional avenues for you to network with other Eagle Scouts.

To make this a successful project, we have partnered with a nationally recognized publishing firm, Publishing Concepts. Starting soon you will receive e-mails, postcards, and phone calls from Publishing Concepts to let you know how to participate in the 2015 Eagle Scout Roll Call.

We encourage you to respond to these communications not only to ensure that your information is up to date for the National Eagle Scout Association, but also to guarantee your listing in the directory. ONLY those Eagle Scouts who respond will be included in the Roll Call!

Publishing Concepts is a trusted partner of the National Eagle Scout Association. For further information about the project, please visit: http://www.nesa.org/2015eaglescoutdirectory.html.

For more info on joining the National Eagle Scout Association, please visit www.NESA.org

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