Points to Make in Support of Values

- The U.S. Supreme Court recently reaffirmed the right of the Boy Scouts of America to freedom of association. They made the right choice.

- Those who disagree with the Scouts are free to do so, but all Americans living in our free society should respect the rights of a private group to establish guidelines for what they believe is best for their membership and leaders.

- Scouting aims to immerse America's youth in character-building experiences without subjecting them to the politics of the day. No youth organization or club should ever be used as a vehicle for promoting a political or social agenda. Childhood is too important.

- A key tenet of the Scouting program is respect; respect for different ideas, customs, and cultures as well as the recognition of the right of individuals to subscribe to other beliefs. Respect for others, however, doesn't mean the forced inclusion of people whose values, ethics, or morals are contrary to your own.

- In a time of eroding morality, I applaud Scouting's resolve to remain a beacon of values and ideals. Our children are in desperate need of meaningful experiences, values, and character-building lessons that are critical to a happy and successful life.

- Our children are forced to deal with very difficult issues and problems every day: violent television and video games, teen pregnancy, increased childhood obesity, juvenile crime, to name a few. I suggest that we focus on the roots of these problems instead of attacking a group such as Scouting that tries to solve them.

- The Boy Scouts of America symbolizes what is right with our country, an organization whose Oath reads: On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country. Thankfully, these youth will continue to have the right to join a group that promotes faith-based values, instead of one that condemns them.

- I appreciate the Boy Scouts' unwavering commitment to helping develop the future leaders of this country. We need more groups, not fewer, which understand that America's youth will always be the cornerstone of a successful and responsible society.

- Scouts come from all walks of life and experience diversity in Scouting that they often cannot see elsewhere in their lives. Scouting helps children from cities, suburbs, and rural areas, and from all faiths and races regardless of economic status. Parents look to Scouting to support their efforts to raise their children, reinforcing the values taught in the home, school, and church.  

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