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ScoutMail Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about ScoutMail? Check this list of questions to find your answer.
If you still need help, send an email to the Council Webmaster webmaster@longspeakbsa.org

Where Do I Start?

  • Go to your District's Home Page.
  • Click on the ScoutMail link on the left sidebar.
  • New Users - Click on the [ Signup Form ] button.
  • Follow the instructions (next section)

How Do I Subscribe to ScoutMail?

To Subscribe to ScoutMail - 3 steps:
  1. Set Up a User Profile
    • Fill out the Form (which came up when you clicked the [ Signup Form ] button.)
    • Submit It
    • A Verification Email will be sent to you. You must be able to receive email from: scoutmail@longspeakbsa.org
  2. Confirm your Email address
    • Open the Verification email
    • Click on the link (or copy/paste it into your web browser)
    • Your browser will then display a form for you to ...
  3. Enter your ScoutMail subscription options
    • Click on the [ Add Subscription ] button.
    • Select a Unit Type, Fill in the Unit #, and select your Position
    • Or - for a District or Council position, select District or Council and enter your position.
    • Click the Subscribe button.
    • Repeat these steps to subscribe for postiions in additional Units.

What is the "Verification Code"?

The "Verification Code" it is asking for is the 5 (partially obscured) characters in the colored box:
You need to type the 5 characters you see into the box (eg cZk2D for the example on the left , btfTp for the example on the right).
Case matters - type upper-case letters as upper-case, etc.

We use this (as do many other websites) to ensure that a person is filling out the form, not some obnoxious program out there on the internet which searches the web for forms and submits them with junk in the form fields (we have had problems with our online event registration forms being submitted with links to inappropriate websites and other junk).

Unit Not Found Error:


This message indicates that the unit you have entered is not in our official list of Chartered Units. Reasons?

  • Check that you entered the unit number correctly.
  • Check the "Locate a Pack Troop or Crew" link on the left-side menu of your District's home page to see if the unit is in the list. If they ARE in the list, you should be able to subscribe.
  • If the Unit is NOT listed in the Locator listing, check that you are in the correct District.
  • If the Unit is NOT listed in the Locator listing, the unit may be a new unit and the information has not been merged into our database yet. We will try to get an updated list monthly - - so please try again later.
  • If none of these seems to be the problem, and you still get the error, please email the Council Webmaster, webmaster@longspeakbsa.org and report the problem.

I Did Not get my Verification Email

  • Did you enter your email address correctly? If you entered something incorrectly, it can't get to you! To check what you entered, you can go to the ScoutMail page, "Already have a User Profile" section, use the email address you used to create the profile, and use the password that was assigned to you when you created your user profile (it was displayed on your computer screen).
    When you login, your profile will be shown -- Check to see if your email address was entered correctly.
  • Do you have email (spam) filters set? If so, did you set your email to accept email from scoutmail@longspeakbsa.org ? For some mail programs, you may need to add scoutmail@longspeakbsa.org to your "Address Book" or Contact List.
  • The email confirmation may just be delayed. Some ISP's will deliver the confirmation to you within seconds, but some may delay it for several minutes or hours (this is called Greylisting).
    Please wait for a couple hours to see if your verification email comes.
  • If it does not arrive, you may need to check with your ISP to determine why it isn't getting through to you. Or you may need to use a different email address for ScoutMail.

Not Getting ScoutMails?

It could be for one of these reasons:
  • Are you blocking the emails? You must be able to receive email from scoutmail@longspeakbsa.org
  • Did you verify your email address? When you submitted your User Profile, you should have gotten a verification email. Did you receive it? Did you click on the link to activate the User Account?

  • Are you actually subscribed to ScoutMail? Creating the User Profile is the first step, and Verifying your Email is the second step.
    After those two steps, you must Add Subscriptions to indicate what type of ScoutMail you wish to receive (which Pack, Troop, etc and your position):
    • When you first click the Email verification link, it will take you to the correct page.
    • Or you can login from your District ScoutMail page by entering your email address and password in the "Already have a User Profile" section.
    • Click the button and then select and submit your choice. Repeat if you hold positions in more than one unit.

I Want to Get ScoutMail for more than one unit type (ie, Pack + Crew)

You can add as many Subscriptions as you want. Go to your User Profile, and Add Subscription for each unit you wish.

I Want to Get ScoutMail in another District, too

  1. - Create a New User Profile in your "home" District.
  2. - Verify your email.
  3. - Add Subscriptions in your home District.
  4. - Go to the other District's ScoutMail page.
  5. - Login using the same email and password (don't create another User Profile).
  6. - Add Subscriptions for that District.

What is the Password Used For?

The password is for you to manage your own ScoutMail Profile.
You can now change your email address, what unit type (pack, troop, etc) and unit number that you want to get ScoutMail for.
You may also remove yourself from ScoutMail.
(The old method involved you having to email the webmasters and having us manually make changes or remove you)

Can I change my Password to something I will remember?

No, you can not change the password to something you will remember.
We do not want people giving us passwords that they may use for other sites (banking, shopping accounts, etc) because we do not currently have the ability to keep these secure as the information is transferred over the internet.
Since we can't guarantee that people would use a unique password for ScoutMail only (many people have told us they use the same password for everything!), and since we don't want to be an enabler for that risky behavior which could lead to identity theft, everyone gets a computer generated password.

You CAN change the password, but you will get another computer-generated password. Login to your Profile and click on the Change User Profile button to bring up a form where you can ask for a new password.

I Forgot my Password. What do I do?

Go to the Login page and find the Forgot Your Password? section. Enter your email address. The password(s) which are associated with this email address will be emailed to you. Check your Inbox.

How Do I Change My Email Address, Unit Type (Troop, Pack, etc), or my Position for which I want to receive ScoutMail?

Login to your Profile and click on the Change User Profile button to bring up a form where you can make the changes. Then click on the Update User Profile button.

If you change your email address, you will be sent a confirmation email, and you must click on the link in the email to verify the new email address.

How Do I Unsubscribe from ScoutMail?

Login to your Profile and click on the Remove User button to unsubscribe from all ScoutMail and to remove your User Profile.

If you can't login to your Profile (eg the email address you subscribed with is no longer valid and you don't have a record of your previous password), please email the webmaster and ask to be removed. Please provide your full name, your District, and the email address you used when you subscribed.

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