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NOTE Internet Rechartering and Internet Advancement are on the National BSA site, not this (Longs Peak Council) site. You need completely different id's and passwords to access that information. Contact your District Executive or the Council office for more information.

Private Information and Passwords

Most of the information on this web site is available to the public, but some items (as outlined in our policies) have limited access.
These items are marked with

There are 3 levels of private access for users of our site:
LPC-Scouter - Accessable to all Scouters in our Council
UnitsOnly - Available only to Unit Leaders
Administrative - Only available to Council Office, DE's, webmasters, and other specific roles

User Name / Password

When you attempt to enter an area of our site which is private, a dialog box pops up to ask for your User Name and Password.
It also tells you which "type" of password is needed - either LPC-Scouter or UnitsOnly.

Some of the details vary depending on which browser (and even which version) you are using. Here are 2 examples:

Netscape 4
asking for LPC-Scouter password
MS Internet Explorer 5
asking for LPC-Scouter password

LPC-Scouter Password

The User Name and Password for the LPC-Scouter sections of our site are available from the Council Office, from your District Executives or by emailing the Council Webmaster

UnitOnly Password

Each unit in our Council has a unique User Name and Password. The User Name is of the form: troop13, pack92, crew139, etc.

Your unit's password was originally distributed in re-chartering packets several years ago. Your password is a (cryptic) randomly-generated sequence of numbers, upper- and lower- case letters, and some other characters.
(See Lost or Forgotten Passwords below if you don't know your password.)

Please protect your unit password and give it out only to trusted leaders who need access to the private information.

Changing Your Unit Password

If you
  • don't like the cryptic password which was generated for you
  • or you need to change the password because the old one is known by someone who should no longer have your unit's access
you can change it:

Passwords are maintained by District, so choose your district:

NOTE that you will need to know your current unit password to even access this page.

Lost or Forgotten Passwords

If you
  -- lost your original password
  -- are the new unit leader and the previous leader never told you
 or your dog ate it, or ...
you can contact your District Webmaster, or the Council webmaster to find out your (original) password.

Note that we will only issue the passwords to the Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, etc) or Committee Chair. They may (or may not) choose them to pass it on to other unit leaders with a "need to know".

If you
   -- changed your password and then lost it
   -- are a new unit which never got a password
- the Unit Leader or Committee Chair should contact the council webmaster to get a new/reset password.

Other Important Notes

The User Names and Passwords are case-sensitive. So, for example, if your unit's User Name is "troop34", it will not work to type "TROOP34", "Troop34", or "troop  34".

Be sure that you have not typed extra spaces at the beginning or end of the id or password.

Your Unit's user name and password will not work in those sections of our site which request the LPC-Scouter information, and the LPC-Scouter user name and password will not work in the UnitsOnly areas. Pay attention to which type of name/password is being requested by the pop-up dialog box.

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